The definitive combination for a healthy mind

You are probably familiar with the idea that “going to therapy is fine, but never medicine”… Or worse yet: you have already had the experience of being treated by a professional who was neither kind nor humanized. That is why Eurekka Med brought the Eurekka way to psychiatry. And it worked.

Reasons to see a Eurekka psychologist or psychiatrist

No referral needed

Both categories are able to indicate the most suitable treatment for you - or if the ideal is a combination of both.

Humanized and welcoming treatment

Eurekka Med doctors are professionals selected to give you real attention. No superficial and generic consultations.

Eurekka's commitment to results

Even Eurekka's psychotherapy is based on scientific evidence. Our professionals respect and follow the advances in science to provide effective and responsible treatment.

Why should I see a psychiatrist?

Many people think they need a psychologist to tell them they need to see a psychiatrist. In reality, a psychiatrist is a doctor like any other: you have complete freedom to seek consultation with one when you feel the need. If therapy is necessary for your treatment, Eurekka’s psychiatrist will guide you – and follow your progress.

Can I only get better through medication?

No. Medication often enhances the effects of psychotherapy. But don’t worry: the doctor will tell you in all transparency if, in your case, psychotherapy, the use of medication or a combination of the two is the most indicated.

If you are still in doubt about the differences between psychologist and psychiatrist, you can watch this video, for free.

Eurekka is the largest mental health clinic in Brazil Founded in 2017

Make your appointment now and take the first and most important step of self-care!

You can make your first appointment even on Saturdays and Sundays, and if you need a prescription, it is also included. Have an experience with a humanized and kind doctor taking care of your mental health, at last.

Do you have any questions? Go to our website by clicking here. There you will find all the information about Eurekka’s psychiatrists. And, if you still need help, there you will find our contact information. We are waiting for you!