Depression, a practical guide to understand this disease

The silent killer that affects the most people in the world. Eurekka has prepared this practical guide to help you deal with the symptoms and face this disease once and for all, taking small steps every day.

Why is this guide important to me?

Eurekka’s Practical Guide to Depression is not just for those who have the disease, but for those who want to understand and learn more about it. So in this book you will learn:

How to differentiate symptoms

To face this disease

To put into practice the exercises suggested in the book

To look at yourself differently by dealing with depression in the right way

Knowing the benefits Eurekka's practical guide to depression has for you, here's what you'll find in this book:

4 signs that your discouragement can be depression:

Symptoms such as tiredness, isolation and “wanting to disappear” are some of the signs that depression may be knocking on your door.

5 daily attitudes to overcome depression:

Daily small steps are important for a proper and efficient recovery from depression. In this chapter, you will find out which are the most recommended tips to say goodbye to this illness for good.

4 signs that you’re overcoming depression:

Besides not letting depression take over your life, it is through these attitudes that you will see the results. So, in this chapter, we are going to show you the 4 signs that you are overcoming depression the correct way.

Practical Guide on how to get rid of discouragement:

If discouragement can be linked to depression, it is in this chapter that you will learn which steps you should take not to let this feeling destroy you.

Are antidepressants worth it?

Medications to fight depression are commonly another method which many people prefer to use. However, is it really worth taking antidepressants? In this chapter, we tell you the truth.

3 signs that someone is thinking of suicide:

In addition to facing depression, the depressed person often also has to deal with suicidal thoughts. Therefore, in this chapter, we will show you which signs are linked to this.

The 3 mistakes you make when you have depression:

Winning this battle is not easy, especially when many mistakes are made along the way. Learn in this chapter what to avoid.

How are Depression and Discouragement different?

Always walking together, symptoms of depression and discouragement can easily be confused. But, in this chapter, we will show you the difference between them, so you don't get confused when noticing the signs.

10 tips to put this book into practice:

As a complete guide, Eurekka's book on depression recommends daily exercises so you can put into practice everything you've learned throughout the chapters.

Who is Eurekka?

Eurekka is a Behavioral Therapy clinic founded by three young men who wrote this book: Júlio Frota Lisbôa Pereira de Souza, Henrique Santos de Souza and Luiz Eduardo Barcellos Rodrigues. Beyond guides, videos, and practical Psychology content shared on social, Eurekka is a Psychology Clinic that has been expanding its work throughout the globe. In less than four years, Eurekka created the first Psychology artificial intelligence in Brazil, reached millions of people, tripled its team, and surpassed 3000 monthly sessions. To learn more about our online therapy, visit us at:

If you’re curious to understand more or learn a different way to deal with depression, this book is for you! By putting into practice the activities proposed in the book and looking at all aspects of your life, you will not only be learning more about a disease that affects the majority of the world’s population, but protecting yourself from it.

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