Make the transformation of several years in weeks: Eurekka therapy has the power to change everything.

Taking a long time to achieve concrete results is not Eurekka’s therapy style.

We know that many people give up on continuing (or even starting) therapy because they believe they will only be dwelling on the past and imagining the future, without changing the present.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Signs that you need therapy

Your life seems to be stuck

You don't know where to start making changes

It's hard to understand your feelings

Your family and friends are worried about you

You identify symptoms of depression or other disorders in yourself

Have you often felt sad, angry, or anxious?

Why Choose Eurekka Therapy?

⚠️ Read carefully: this is the most important text on the page!

Choosing Eurekka as your mental health clinic means embracing a unique, enriching, and truly effective therapy experience, different from what you’ll find with other professionals. Our team consists of therapists trained in the Contextual Behavioral Therapy method, ensuring a consistent quality standard with concrete results, regardless of which professional you consult with.

We guarantee therapy that is oriented toward real and meaningful results, always focusing on your individual progress. In each session, you’ll be one step closer to your healthiest version, no matter how small that step may be.

We understand that therapy should not be a lifelong process without resolution but rather a specific moment in your journey. We are committed to helping you achieve your therapeutic goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. This pragmatic approach has helped Eurekka become the largest online therapy network in Brazil, and it continues to grow worldwide. See below for the impact we’ve had in just over 6 years.

Know the assessment of some of our patients


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We are the fastest-growing mental health brand in Brazil, with the highest growth in Latin America.

What will happen in therapy?

Learn to manage difficult emotions

See concrete changes every week

Have a moment to talk about whatever you want without judgment

What can you expect from the therapeutic process with Eurekka?

Complete confidentiality

Absolutely everything discussed during the session stays only between you and your therapist.

Zero judgment

If it makes you suffer, it’s important and deserves attention. No issue is “silly” to us.

Practical focus

The therapist encourages you to take practical actions to overcome your biggest challenge, not just reflect on it.

Advantages you have today with Eurekka therapy:


As Júlio, one of our founders, says: “At worst, you find out it wasn’t for you. And at best, you change your life forever.”

Fill in your details to proceed with the appointment:

We have therapists with various levels of experience, resulting in a range of session fees


What happens after I enter my details?

We will send you an email, and within 48 business hours, we will contact you via WhatsApp, email, or Telegram. The initial conversation consists of an assessment of your case conducted via video call with one of our therapists and costs $20 (USD).

I am outside the country. How will this work?

We have therapists experienced in serving clients on all continents. International clients will receive instructions at the provided number, which should be connected to WhatsApp or Telegram. We do not make calls to international numbers as we conduct the entire scheduling process through WhatsApp or Telegram.

What is the cost of sessions? Do you work with insurance?

The initial conversation costs $20 (USD). The standard fee for a therapy session is $30 (USD), regardless of the country you live in. Currently, Eurekka does not work with health plans or insurance.

Is the service weekly? Could it be biweekly?

Yes. Initially, sessions are always weekly. The idea is to address your needs and form a strong therapeutic bond. With progress in your goals and the therapist’s support, it can change to a biweekly schedule.

How does prepayment work?

To confirm your therapy sessions, we will need to confirm payment on the chosen date (the 5th or 15th). If payment is not confirmed, we will need to administratively cancel your appointment. If you discontinue your therapy, we will refund the unused amount for the sessions.

Is it subscription-based?

Yes, you can choose between the 5th or 15th to pay for upcoming therapy sessions. If you do not use the sessions, the credit remains for future use.

Do I need privacy during appointments?

Yes, privacy is an ethical obligation according to the Professional Code of Ethics for Psychologists. It’s important to have your session in a private and secluded place so that no one can overhear the conversation. Remember, the session is a time for you to be authentic and talk about anything you want. If you share your residence with others, make it clear that your session time should not be interrupted.

Is online service allowed? Is there a maximum number of sessions?

Yes, online services are permitted. On November 14, 2018, Resolution 011/2018 of the Federal Psychology Council of Brazil came into effect, allowing online services without restriction on the number of sessions. Previously, Resolution 011/2012 of the Federal Psychology Council stipulated that virtual consultations could have a maximum of 20 (twenty) meetings.

What are the payment methods?

Therapy sessions are paid for with a credit card through the PayPal platform. Your therapist will send you a payment link where you can make the payment for your sessions.

Which platform is used for video calls?

Your session will be conducted via video call on the platform. We do not use WhatsApp for sessions. It’s important to enter the virtual room in advance to test your device, whether it’s from your cell phone or computer. Calls are always via video call, and we do not make phone calls, send emails, voice messages, or texts.

How do cancellations work?

For cancellations, we request at least 24 business hours’ notice. If the session is canceled without prior notice, we reserve the right to charge the full session fee. This condition also applies to the initial conversation.

What are the attendance hours? Can I be seen on Saturdays?

Attendance hours are very flexible and depend on the assigned therapist. Generally, appointments start at 9 a.m. and end at 9 p.m. according to the official Mexico time zone. Some specific therapists work outside of these hours and also offer some hours on Saturdays. Please verify during the initial conversation.

Who will be my therapist? Can I choose?

If you have a recommendation for a Eurekka therapist, please let us know. Otherwise, we will assess your case and choose the most suitable Eurekka therapist to assist you.

What method do you use?

We practice Contextual Behavioral Therapies, also known as the third generation of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This therapeutic approach began to emerge in the late 80s and early 90s. They are considered the most recent innovation in the development of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. For more details, feel free to ask during your initial conversation or click here.

Do you handle cases of suicide or self-harm online?

Yes, but you will need to follow up with in-person psychiatric care. The information from the initial conversation will be taken to the team of therapists, who will decide on the possibility or impossibility of virtual assistance. A Eurekka therapist may contact your psychiatrist before making the final decision. By choosing to proceed with the initial conversation, the client understands that an evaluation service is being provided, and there will be no chargeback in case of referral to in-person services.

Who will be in the session? How long do sessions last?

In your session, only you and your therapist will be present. To preserve your privacy, everything you say will be protected by professional secrecy. At Eurekka, our service lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Do you serve children and adolescents?

Yes, only individuals over 14 years old, subject to prior assessment and express consent from parents or guardians.

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